Halloween drag queen

I dressed in drag once. There was a Halloween party at my friend Frank’s house and his wife and several of our female friends were all taking belly dancing lessons and it was decided I should be a belly dancer. The costumes were wildly inventive. Our friend Jay for example was a colostomy patient complete with apparatus. With the help of the ladies I was quite sexy, I believe, lipstick and makeup and all but I didn’t know the first thing about belly dancing. My friend Frank was a pirate that night, the ruffian! The first thing he did when I arrived at their house was to reach out and squeeze and fondle my fake breast with a lascivious grin upon his face the dirty old pervert 😂 I actually even felt a little violated as I recall😳 That was my one experience with pretending to be female. (PS. There were no Kindergarten age children present)