Young love

I’m at the farm. I’ve been here for three weeks now. I’ve noticed a pair of Robins who spend all their time together. They look to be male and female, with the colorings of one being more vivid than the other. They roost together on wires and hunt for bugs and worms at the same time together on the lawn. One morning I looked out the window up at the unfinished ceiling joists of the outside porch and saw them roosting side by side in two of the three nests birds have built there over the past years. Then they suddenly flew off together into a nearby tree. God bless them. I’m so happy for their joyful fling at life and love in the springtime morning air! It saddens me though to have the somber realization that one day, it will end for them. One or the other will fall by the wayside. That is the nature of this world. Into every life tragedy will fall. So go flit through the morning sunshine beautiful little birds while you are young, filled with joy, and have forever in front of you.