Santayana’s Nitwits

OMG… you are either a dimwit or willfully dangerous. “The senate is a profoundly anti-democratic body and should be abolished”. Moron. It was designed that way to induce the sparsely populated states to join the union. It was one of the compromises of the Constitutional convention. It came into being for precisely the same reasons that the EU struggled with a compromise to keep Germany from completely outvoting the small nations during the formation of the European Union. Do you look disdainfully down upon “flyover country” at the farmers, laborers, miners, little people in those sparsely populated states with needs and aspirations so different from yours and those of your fellow masses in the cities, all the while insisting that they live according to your strict majority rule, their voices silenced by an avalanche of numbers while they do your bidding and supply your food and support your urban comfort? The writer is an idiot.