Rainy April Night

Crazy rain, thunder, the dog is terrified and I say to her, “Don’t worry, God willing we’ll make it through this night…”. Then I think of those in the world right now who have no guarantee at all that they will live through the night at the hands of other people mostly. There is no reason why in 2022 anyone on earth should have to worry about their life at the hands of other people. What are we doing wrong? Are we failing as a species?

And yet, how naive the hope for peace. The earth is a beautiful garden filled with thistles and thorns , hidden fangs and vicious teeth and I ate bacon this morning. How can we expect that humans will ever stop killing one another when we’ve been honed in such a place?

Still, there is more to being Human than being just another highly evolved animal, an organic machine shaped by the flow of trial and error of interacting chains of events and chemical reactions that stream through time, some failing, some succeeding, all constantly changing as the world slides ceaselessly down the energy hill. We can conceive of morals and ethics and what we could and should be even if a God is not there and the world is given to us as brute, uncaring, unforgiving reality. That is remarkable and unexpected. These deeper questions are part of human experience too and if we pay heed to them we begin to understand that it is up to us to find a path of balance between the cruel necessities and realities of this world and higher morality, ethics and goodness, the beautiful and inspiring and uplifting possibilities in existence. That is our unique responsibility as Humans. Our cognizance renders spirituality onto us.

Futuristic dreams

I’m waiting for the hydrogen-boron battery, a battery that operates by producing electricity through the hydrogen-boron fusion reaction and that will last a hundred years or until its casing rusts away and it falls apart. You’d never have to charge your phone or your electric car. It’d just run until the wheels fell off. The pressure on landfills would be greatly lessened and the earth’s atmosphere would breathe a great sigh of relief. If only the laws of nature would cooperate *he wistfully reflects*